Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Living like Martha...unfortunately

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This week I’ve had a rough time. Let me explain a little bit. Yesterday I hit 34 weeks in my pregnancy. Its 106 outside – DAILY!! My knee, lower back & hip are still very painful (and at times unbearable) from my wreck 4 weeks ago. Laundry & housework are piling up. AND…we’re trying to get ready for a baby in 5 weeks! I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself these past few weeks, as I’m not able to do most things to the best of my ability. My family’s eating habits have suffered due to my pains & lack of motivation when in such pain. I usually have a very strict schedule that I stick to for laundry & meals, but since the accident that has just gone by the wayside, which I dislike VERY MUCH! Oh…I wouldn’t want to forget to mention I’ve been fighting a summer cold (which are the worst in my opinion) for about 3 ½ weeks! UGH!!! There are days that I just want to give up, lie around on the couch & just forget everything. However, I know that’s not what I’m supposed to do.

I have 3 precious kids (and no, I’m not partial!!) that need me and even want me to be with them! It doesn’t matter that Mommy hurts or is feeling sorry for herself – they crave my attention!! In a lot of ways they are what keep me going every day. I LOVE waking up to their beautiful smiling faces – even if it’s at 6:45am!! Lately my 2 yr old has come bouncing out of his room all smiles!! He comes running to me in the living room and gives me the biggest, BEST hug he can give!! What a JOY!! I’ve found it difficult to get up in the mornings these past weeks for various reasons (pregnancy insomnia at 2am, restless babies throughout the night, etc.), but this morning when my 6 yr old (okay, that’s the first time I’ve typed that out and I must say it looks weird! I have a SIX year old!! WOW!!) came into my room at 6:50am I was ready to get up. I was ready to face the day and get started. So, I did just that. I got up and got with it. So far this morning (its 9:50am here) I have unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher (its now finished running, so I need to unload it again and I’ll be caught up on dishes – YAY!!); done 2 loads of laundry & my 3rd is about to go in the washer and I’ve taken my 6 yr old (okay, still weird…) to his Robotics class at our local community college (with all 3 kids dressed & ready for the day too!). Am I tired, yes! Am I exhausted, a little. But, I must say it feels really good to be motivated – even if it’s for a short time due to my limitations these days.

So for those of you who’ve made it this far may be wondering how this fits into the “Gratituesday” category. Well, let me tell you the things I am grateful for. I’m grateful that my kids were not injured in the accident 4 weeks ago (I will blog about this later, but haven’t been able to just yet). I’m grateful my house & car have working A/C!! I’m grateful I’m here to see my kids daily and watch them learn and grow!! I’m grateful we have laundry & dishes to do – it means we are blessed to have food & daily meals and enough clothes to wear!! I’m grateful my LORD has blessed me with 3 precious children and a 4th one coming in August. They may be work, but their smiles, giggles & unconditional love keeps me going!! My attitude reminds me of Martha’s. She was so focused on the tasks at hand rather than on what was important. Too often I find myself caught up in the “daily-grind” of Mommy-hood that I loose sight of what’s really important – my LORD and Savior, my husband & our relationship and my kids – just spending time with them. So, that’s my new daily goal – make those 3 a priority and worry about the “work” later!!

I hope you have had a GREAT Tuesday!!!! Mine is winding down finally, (yes, it’s taken me all day to finish this post. I guess that’s what happens w/ 3 young kids.) and I’m filled with JOY!!! I pray you are too! Blessings!!