Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Golden Rule

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. I’ve missed it!! I’ve been so busy around here getting things back on track and getting into a routine with 4 kids, homeschooling, cooking and life! So, here’s my first post back and I hope you enjoy it!! I'm sorry I dropped the ball, but my plan is to post 2-3 times a week regularly. I'm also in the process of reworking and rethinking my blog, so hopefully in the coming weeks you'll see some changes & updates! Now...on to the story...

Monday was NOT a good day in the Breedlove household. About 4pm I was at my wits end & Tyler wasn't letting up. Plus, the other 2 little ones (not Bekah) were just feeding off his attitude & things were REALLY heating up around here! Jacob Breedlove got up from his sleep & I made dinner, only to hear Tyler say, "I don't like Chicken & Rice!! I've NEVER liked it ! It's disgusting!!" This, however, is absolutely NOT true & was the last straw for me. (This has become an almost daily quote, just FYI.) He was sent to his room & told to stay there until one of us came in to talk with him. First, you have to understand that Tyler stays "in" his room, but talks loudly & constantly so you'll come in there quicker. (Still haven't figured out how to remedy that one...) Anyway...all of a sudden he flings open his bedroom door & hollers some things towards the living room (where we were) and then shuts his door again. I was unable to make out the words, so I looked at the hubster & asked him what was said.

He says, "I think our 6yo just quoted the Golden Rule to us!?"

Me: Really?? Are you serious??

Then, we both kinda chuckle.

A few minutes goes by and Tyler comes out again, only this time to the doorway of our hall & more clearly says, "The Golden Rule says, 'Treat others as you want to be treated.' And that's NOT what you're doing here!"

WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Surely my son did NOT quote The Golden Rule (also found in Lev 19:18) to us!! I'm sure my look was a mixture of shock, amazement, astonishment, horror & pride! I couldn't believe my child was speaking to me this way; however, I was proud that he actually knew The Golden Rule.

What happened next? Well, we had to inform him that although The Golden Rule was a good rule to live by with your friends and family, it did NOT apply to your parents and their discipline! He was VERY distraught by this, but after some explanation & why it didn't apply to us he understood.

Fast forward to today. We were doing our Bible time during school & as I read through our curriculum (see what it is here), I was humbled and yet, amazed. Humbled, that once again I knew for certain, God had lead me to this EXACT Bible curriculum and amazed that it was exactly what we needed right now! I don’t know why I continue to be amazed, He’s never done anything less, but still…I am in AWE of Him!!

As we sat down for our Bible time, I began to read aloud today’s portion of the lesson. We’ve been studying about God’s truth & how He is the ONLY one who is truthful ALL the time and therefore the ONLY one we can trust ALL the time. So, today’s lesson began by asking some rhetorical questions: “How will you respond to the truth the God shows you? Will you choose to build your life on the Rock and follow Him? Or will you choose to turn away from Him and disobey?” Then, it expounded on the last question and the discussion led exactly where “I” needed it to. It discussed how parents set specific rules for their household and how each child must choose to obey or disobey. Choosing the latter will result in consequences, for example: a form of discipline and/or loss of certain privileges. Since we’re dealing with defiance issues right now, Tyler is experiencing first-hand both discipline & the loss of certain privileges. It went on to explain that God, our Father, does the same thing when we disobey His rules and that He does it because He loves us (Hebrews 12:6) and that He “disciplines us for our good, that we may share in his holiness” (v. 10).

It then continued on by saying how we should obey – “cheerfully and willingly.” And, when we obey cheerfully and willingly there is peace in the home and with your parents (and God) AND you will “enjoy the trust and blessings of your mother and father. Likewise, obedience to God and His Word is an important element of God’s plan for your life and His design for creation. It is through your obedience to Him that He releases His blessings and fulfills His promises in your life.” Then, it gave us a practical & biblical definition of Obedience: “The act of doing what I am told with a willing and loving heart.”

As I began to have Tyler recite this over and over and over (as to drill it into his head & heart), I began thinking about my own obedience. How often do I obey with a willing and loving heart? Am I daily demonstrating this attitude for my children? Frankly, I didn’t want to answer that question – because I already knew I wouldn’t like the reality of it. I don’t always have a willing and loving heart or attitude as we often call it. So, as Tyler and I began talking about the practical application of a willing and loving heart, I began to think about what it would look like in my own life. Isn’t it funny how we think we’re going to have this GREAT time of teaching and God turns it around on us!! WOW!! What a humbling and sobering experience it was. What a blessing it is to know that MY GOD cares so much for me that He is willing to go to such lengths for me. He’ll even use my child’s curriculum to get His point across.

Blessings to you today as you seek to serve and obey Him with a willing and loving heart!!!

(All quotations were taken from “Who is God? And Can I really know Him?” by John Hay and David Webb, Apologia press. Lesson 2, pages 47-48.)