Saturday, July 28, 2007

Our first post here!

Well, this week has been extremely busy. Annette's boss was off every morning, since his wife was out of town & the new lady started. So, her week consisted of mostly running the office and training. Plus, she ended up working Friday afternoon, which she is normally off. What a week!

Then, in the evenings she worked at VBS from 6:30-8:40. It was an amazing week with lots of kids! Wednesday we had 336 and Friday we had 346 - our two biggest nights!! We did Group's Wild, Wild West theme and the kids LOVED it! And what's more fun...the kids 3yr-5th grade are going to sing a couple of the songs this Sunday for the adults. They will love it! Poor Jake had to work Mon & Tue nights, so he only was there Wed-Fri. Tonight we have the Buckaroo Roundup (Party) for the end of VBS. Jake and I are working, but it will be a lot of fun! There is even a dunk tank, so we'll see who Tyler dunks.

Well, an update on family life: Annette still works part-time at Allstate & Jake works at QuikTrip in the Corporate office Help Desk on loan from the stores for 1 year. He really enjoys it and would love to stay there full-time, but as of right now there are no positions open. We are still praying that the right job would come along - either this one will work out to help us OR a ministry would come along to get him started. We have toyed around with several options and continue to pray. Please pray with us that God will show us a clear path and direction.

I will post some pictures that I hope you all like.

This is Tyler putting on his own pull-up. Don't worry, I blacked out the parts you don't need to see. We just thought it was cute, because he was so proud of himself.
This is Tyler at the pool. He loves the water and his new Biego (Diego) life-jacket. He did so good. He went down the slide & off the diving board. Too fun!
Here is our cutie niece, Zoe. Isn't she cute? She was having a ton of fun in the water too.
This is Tyler opening his Birthday presents, while cousins Zoe & Joe-Joe watch. Just thought this was too cute!

Well, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed our update and pics. I will try to do better with this one than I do the other two. Love you all!

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becky rice said...

enjoyed hearing about what's going on with you all and the pictures of the kids...will keep you in prayer on the job situation...
love, becky