Monday, January 31, 2011

Being thankful for blessings

Many of you have probably read my previous posts about our views on childbirth. Unfortunately, some of our family (and friends I'm sure) don't agree with our views. I must say that makes it difficult for us to be completely elated when we find out news of a new blessing coming to our family. We want to be able to tell our family have a wonderful, joyous & genuine excitement fill the air as we announce it, but its not that way. We continue to pray that our families will accept that this is what feel God has called us to, but its still hard.
It is also difficult to figure out when to tell certain people because of the loss they may have recently experienced. I always want to know when people are expecting another blessing (even right after my miscarriages). I want to rejoice with them! I want to join with them in singing praises to our faithful and wonderful Lord!! I am learning (which is always a difficult process in and of itself) that we MUST praise and give thanks to our Lord in all things - at ALL times!! Now, I have not experienced a loss of any magnitude since coming to this realization, so I'm sure when that first one hits its going to be more than difficult, but I know its what I must do. If I can't praise him in the hard times, why is He going to listen to me in the easy/good times?? He is always faithful to me and so I must be to Him. (I just hope I can live up to that.)

So all that to say - We're expecting another blessing!!!! God is so gracious and giving and we are so thankful that He has chosen to bless us again. We have told our families and now I wanted to announce it to my readers first. I will put this posting on facebook, but with the title I'm sure I won't have many readers - only the few faithful. We found out December 17th, but (as we traditionally do) wanted to wait until after our first ultrasound and appointment. I was able to confide in a few friends so I would have someone to talk to in case of a miscarriage, but otherwise no one knew until this past week. I will am 11 weeks today (Monday, 1/31) and I'm feeling much better. I was very sick for several weeks and wondered "How in the world am I going to do this?!" But, once we figured out it was the prenatal vitamins and I switched to kiddie chewables, I've been feeling GREAT!! Tired - but GREAT!! There are many questions we have and I'm sure some of you do too, but we are trusting that God is in complete control and that He will see us through this as well. After all, if He feels we should be blessed with another child - HE alone can provide for that child!! I'm so excited to see how that will play out and what is in store for our family. (It's not a very clear picture, but this is what the little peanut looked like at our first ultrasound.)
Tyler is five (he will be 6 in June), Tucker turns 2 this Thursday, Madi will be 1 in April and this little blessing will join our family in August!! I think we're gonna be busy!!! Right now my main concerns are rearranging rooms to prepare for whatever we're having (boy or girl), getting curriculum nailed down for next year (as we are probably moving into year-round schooling & seeing as I'm going to be out-of-commission most of August this needs to be done asap), preparing things for our local JBF sale at the end of February and just general de-cluttering!!! I know our house and life will run much smoother if I can get the house in order before I get too far along. I will post more on my de-cluttering and organizing tips tomorrow! See you then!!


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Yay! I'm so excited for you! Praying for this miracle and for a smoother sailing duration for you.

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Congratulations! So happy for you!!

Becky Rice said...

congratulations! ever heard "the more the merrier?" we'll find out if it's true! hahaha! love!

Melissa said...

Congratulations! You need another girl just to make it even! ;-) I concur with the above comment, "the more the merrier!"