Friday, April 13, 2012

52 Fridays: Week 15 Update

Here goes this week’s report. You can read more about my journey beginning with Week 1. Feel free to join me and Crystal in this journey.

  1. DAILY quiet time: Why is it that this is the hardest thing to get done? Am I the only one who feels this way? Making this a first priority is #1 on my list this week. I’ve just got to get up and get it done. Get a new habit going and keep with it – no matter what! I get my emails through and a women’s devotional through Proverbs 31 devotions. Such great tools – be sure to check them out! 
  1. Weekly weight loss: I continue to struggle with finding the time to workout. The Hubster has joined the “cause” and is ready to move to real foods with me. Now that I’m not alone in this, I think we’ll really be able to move forward with this!! 
  1. Vintage Remedies 8 weeks to Real Foods: Still working on the  food pantry sheet. We’re in the process of clearing out our pantry to use what we have and transition into “real foods.” I can’t even tell you how excited I am. I’ve heard such great results from those who’ve made the switch. Not only in weight loss, but also in how much better they feel. I can’t wait!!! Real Foods…here I come! 
  1. Homeschool Fun: This week has been more organized and therefore, we have more time for FUN!! Read my Homeschool Happenings post today to see more!! 
  1. Organization: Not much to report here. I’ve got great ideas, but lack either the funds or the time! Working on new, inexpensive options!! 
  1. Staying caught up: This area was not so great this week. I am getting caught back up on laundry, but dishes are another story. In November 2011, I had surgery on my right wrist. All was going well, until this past weekend when it started acting up on me again. At one point I couldn’t even grip a can of pop or door handle. NOT FUN!! So, I’ve had to rely on The Hubster for help. And well…we all know how most men are about dishes or chores in general! LOL But, we’re working on it! 
  1. Blog changes: Okay, so things are not going quite as planned. I think I’m going to push this back to May. Look for the changes coming May 2012!!!! The design is being re-vamped and I’ve got such cute blog buttons to share…I can’t wait!!!!

How do you find time to spend with the Lord in prayer?  Feel free to share your tips and ideas in a comment or link back to a post!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Have a blessed weekend!


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