Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Teachable Tuesdays: FREE Animal Track Finder

Most of you probably know about Pinterest by now. And if you don’tBEWARE!!!! It’s highly addictive! It’s one of those vices I’ve had to severely restrict myself from. I used to be on there every spare moment I had at the computer. But, now I get on there maybe once a week or when I need to some inspiration on a project. Otherwise, I stick to my guns.

However, Pinterest has been very helpful in finding and organizing ideas for our homeschool journey. Sooooo many great ideas all in one place. That’s probably why I love it so much it’s organized!!! Much like I wish my house and life were. If only we all had the time, energy and money to complete all the cutie-patootie projects we find on there! Ahhhh

One idea I found was so perfect for my oldest. He’s always asking about the weather and what clouds mean what, etc. So when I came across this particular idea I was smitten! Really smitten!! But, I decided I could make it myself with my Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus 4.0 program (try a FREE 30-day trial here). So that’s exactly what I did!

Isn’t it beautiful? Oh I just love it!

Now, I would love to share this with you, but since the original is one that you must buy I don’t feel its ethical to share my free version. However, you are welcome to make your own!! 

I made mine an 8x8 square. Then, I just situated the pictures around so they fit. Then, you just cut out the blue square in the middle so you can "find" what you're looking for. They are also categorized by upper, middle and lower clouds too! I haven't printed it yet, but I plan to print it as a picture and then laminate it for more durability. Put the whole thing on a large tongue depressor and you're ready to travel!

I would like to use our cloud finder to “hunt down” clouds and take pictures, so that he could even make his own cloud finder!

Now, with that being said, the cloud finder spurred me on to make another “finder” that I will gladly share with you!

My mind began swimming with all the possibilities, but so far I've only created one for animal tracks common in our region of Oklahoma. My son is always “finding” tracks in our yard or on our walks and I thought this would be perfect for him to identify them. What fun he’ll have!! Download the free .pdf here.

I see so many more possibilities for these finders. You could do leaves or common trees for your area. You could do letters for preschooler. Or pictures of places you frequently drive by so they can spot them.

Make one for a trip you’re taking so your kids can spot things while you’re driving in the car! Really the possibilities are endless!! Get creative and make your own!!!

What’s your favorite Pinterest find that you’ve already used? What other “finders” would you make? One day soon I plan to make more and don’t worryI’ll be sure to share!


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Kate said...

How COOL!!! This is a great idea. I haven't gotten the hang of Pinterest so I am very impressed when others find cool things to share. Never thought of using a scrapbook program as a teaching tool. I'll have to give it another thought.

Thanks for sharing this post at Loving Our Children link-up today!!

Annette@InAllYouDo said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kate!! I use my digital program for EVERYTHING!!! Invitations, Thank You cards, digital picture cards of my name it, I do it! I LOVE it!!!! It's great! Plus, I can save not only as a picture, but also as a PDF file, which is GREAT!!!

Naomi said...

Annette...what a fabulous idea! Got my mind going now. And thank you for the free one. I'm so glad you linked up at What Joy Is Mine and shared your idea. Blessings to you. :o)

Annette@InAllYouDo said...

Oh'll have to share what your creative brain comes up with!! I love being able to quickly create things for our homeschooling journey. Fun for me and the kids, plus a lasting learning tool!!