Friday, April 6, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: 35 and missing my Daddy

I hope you’ll forgive me for not getting this out yesterday. This post has been more difficult to write than I thought. I’ve been thinking about my upcoming birthday for a while now. I knew I was turning 35 and that just hit me hard. I don’t know whyit’s just a number. But, it did.

And then this week it really hit me. This is my first birthday without my Dad. And since my birthday falls on Resurrection Day this year, it’s a double-wammy of sorts. My Dad loved to celebrate birthdays and he especially loved Resurrection Day.

More years than not, my Dad sang on the praise team at church on Resurrection Sunday. On occasion, he even sang solos. We even did a few cantatas together.

Anyone who knew my Dad and saw him sing knew he sang from his heart and with his entire body! He was quite expressive to say the least. He was “fun” to watch because you knew he felt it from the inside out. And, unfortunately, that’s rare these days. I will miss his singing.

So this particular holiday will be difficult for me on the one hand. However, I am so blessed, grateful and beyond thankful to know my Daddy knew his Heavenly Father and he’s rejoicing with him this Resurrection Sunday. What an unbelievable sight that must be to actually see Him face-to-face and fully rejoice in His resurrection!! I am jealous!! Absolutely jealous. He always did have to do things first!! :-)

How will celebrate Resurrection Sunday? Do you hunt eggs and have baskets or do something completely different?

Thanks for joining me today for Thursdays Thoughts.


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