Friday, April 20, 2012

Homeschool Happenings: Week 3

This picture is a couple years old. But, it shows his imagination at work.
He's hiding in his "cave" awaiting the "bad" guys. Notice all his weaponry?
This week has pretty much been “all business.” You’ll have to forgive me this week because my camera is acting up and it won’t take pictures. I’m so bummed!! We’re going to have to send it in for a repair (at least I hope its just a repair!!).

Last week we had a lot of rain and just plain yucky days, so this week my son wanted to play outside every chance he got. So, he has finished his schoolwork earlier in the day than usual to go outside. Believe me, I am not complaining about this at all!! I’m thrilled that we haven’t had the arguing or fussing about it. It’s been rather nice and a breath of fresh air around here!

So, this week has been rather relaxed around here. We’ve done our reading and papers as scheduled. Now that we’re a little more organized again, I’m starting to really crack down on his writing. He’s not a “bad” writer, especially for a boy in first grade, but he just gets in a hurry and therefore…sloppy. Ya know? This week he learned that it takes longer to do sloppy work that has to be re-done and fixed than it does to just take your time and do it right the first time! Huh…imagine that?!

We’re reading about Pluto this week. It’s so different than what I was taught, now that most scientists don’t classify it as a planet. I find it all very interesting and fascinating now that I’m older. I can appreciate the complexity and marvel at God’s workmanship so much more. I just hope I’m passing that along to my son as we’re reading and studying.

There’s really not much else to report this week. Like I said, our camera is on the fritz, so I didn’t get any pictures. That makes me so sad. I’m borrowing my mom’s camera though until ours is fixed, so there should be some pictures up again next week. Maybe we’ll have some more fun to share too!

What did you do this week in your homeschooling journey? Feel free to share you favorite experiment, tip, idea or just a word of encouragement for others!!


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