Friday, February 3, 2012

52 Fridays: Week 5 (update)

So, this week I have actually been working towards more organization. I know I should've started this long ago, but...leave me aloneIt’s only week 5 of the new year! haha  I have my recipes gathered and ready to sort, organize, hole punch and place in a binder tonight and tomorrow. I have bins of clothes that I have sorted through and continue to sort through.

Some of my bins that I've been sorting through
More bins!!!
Okay, so I realized this past week that my kids have waaaaay too many clothes!!! Let me take a minute to talk about this. First, I’m not sure how it got this out of hand, but it has! (Maybe it stems from the fact that we, as adults, feel the need for tons of choices!)  My oldest daughter has 35-40 dresses in her closet!!! And that doesn’t include her skirts/shirts! OH.MY.WORD!! If you’re like me (and most mom’s are), you have your favorites on your kids and they tend to cycle through maybe 10-15 outfits total! I noticed this was the case with my girls’ too. So, why in the world does my daughter need 40 dresses? UGH!! This was not on the “docket” for this week, but we realized she was getting too tall for the size she was wearingas in her tushy (albeit cute) was showing! Yes, she is still in diapers, but we are instilling modesty in our children from the time they are young. Not to mention the fact that she does have two older brothers who can see her tushy too! So, we felt it was time to move her up a size. What better time to sort through the clothes in her closet as well as the ones I have already purchased for her in the new size!!

What did I tell you? This is ONLY my older daughter's side! CRAZY!!!
This process is also coming at a great time because the Semi-Annual Just Between Friends sales are coming up in my area! I try to sell our gently used clothes, toys, games, etc. for reasonable prices at these sales. They have been a wonderful source of clothing items for us over the past few years. BUTwhatever I do not sell, I will donate to a church closet. I do not need them back!! It has been GREAT to see these boxes of clothes diminish. I have such a great sense of accomplishment! Now, if I could just finish them (going through clothes & bins for 4 kids takes a bit of time) and get them stored away I would feel even better!

Okay, so back to my 52 week goals

I am doing better with my daily quiet time. It’s not always super quiet (since my kiddos get up at 6:30am most mornings), but at least I am able to read God’s Word (most days). I still struggle with getting it done everyday, but I’m getting there.

I am staying on top of dishes for the most part anyway. Sometimes I end up a half-day behind, but I’ve been able to catch back up and get back on track easily.

Laundry got piled up this week more than I like. But, today I’ve been able to catch back up (almost completely)!! And that includes sorting, folding and putting it away!!! (More on how I do this coming in Monday’s post!)

I have kept to our meal plan really well this week. I love it when that happens!

I feel more in control of my home (chores, meals, etc.) since I have become more intentional in its organization! It’s amazing how free you feel when you’re not stressed about what’s for lunch or dinneror the HUGE pile of laundry in front of youor the fact that you’re not sure what you’re going to eat on tonight because the dishes are stacked so high! This has allowed me more time to write posts, play with my kids, share with the Hubster (we have to be a little more than creative to get time alone between his schedule and our kiddos). It has been GREAT!!!

I can not wait to see what the Lord has in store for the rest of this year!!


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