Saturday, February 4, 2012

*HOT* Brainy Baby Sale

I have to tell you about this HUGE sale going on over at the Brainy Store. Being a homeschooling mother, I am always on the lookout for great toddler/preschool curriculum. While these should NOT replace actual curriculum, they are a GREAT supplement

We have had the ABC, 123, Animal and Shapes books since my oldest was a year old. We’ve have replaced a couple of them because they love them so much! The books are a durable boardbook so the kiddos have difficulty tearing them up. And, because they are thicker than normal pages, they are easier for little hands to turn the pages.

Recently we purchased the entire set (above) for the middles (ages 1.5yr and 3yr). I use them in the mornings when I am teaching my older son. I put in a new video each day (there are 8 total), place them in their high-chairs and give them a snack to eat while they watch. They love watching the kids on the videos sing, dance and do motions. The bright colors used on the videos really help engage them. My daughter (age 1.5yr) is already picking up on the ABC’s and I have even caught her singing along! My son (age 3) can now count to 15 by himself!!!

Now, I don't expect the videos to do everything. So,. I reinforce what they’ve watched in the videos with the books and flashcards. The flashcards are colorful and easy to read (both for the kids and adult!). The pictures on the flashcards are kid-friendly and easy to identify, which helps promote learning. There is a book and flashcard set for every video, which makes it so easy to reinforce what they have just watched. Plus, my middles love, love, love the extra time they get with momma!

You can also purchase the Booster Bundle (above) to complete your collection!

These deals are too FABULOUS to pass up if you have a toddler or are expecting a new bundle of JOY.


These are my opinions based my observations and use with my own children. I received no compensation for this review. These opinions are mine and mine alone.

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