Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teachable Tuesdays: Homeschool Curriculum Junkie

Since we officially decided to homeschool our children (about 2yrs ago), I have done a lot of research online. I have researched curriculum, teaching styles, learning websites and so much more! I have “interviewed” friends who homeschool their children and I have prayed so much more than I ever thought I would (at least about homeschooling).

Our first year of homeschooling (last year), I had no idea what curriculum to go with or even what I wanted to use. I didn’t like the idea of one entire set planned out for me. The strict-ness bothered me, which is weird since I love to be organized. I guess I’m just a rebel like that! So, in an effort to be diverse in my curricula, I gathered anything and everything I found. I searched at garage sales for books, math manipulatives, science experiment items and the list goes on and on.
Top Shelf: reading books (not in the curricula). Middle shelf: larger books that lie down & a  craft bin.
Bottom Shelf: Another Craft bin and science supplements.

Quite frankly, it has gotten out of hand. I have an entire cabinet FULL of books for my kids!! I have purchased gamesnumerous gamesin an effort to be more fun in our learning. (I’m still working on this!) I am overflowing with books, puzzles, videos, craft supplies (which rarely get used) and actual curriculum that I can hardly stand it!!!

Here are most of the games we have. Some of them are hidden behind others.

The problem is that I don’t know how to weed through these things. How do I choose what books to keep and what books to give away? How do I choose what puzzles to keep? Games? Craft supplies? UGH!!! It’s just too much!

These are the puzzles we have.

I think I’m too afraid of throwing out something my girls might like that the boys could care less about. I don’t want to go searching for things again in a few years. I have an almost irrational fear of getting rid of things I mightsomedayuse in the future. It’s silly, I know.
The right side contains all our Brainy Baby books, videos and flashcards.
The other side is overflow.

So, now I must figure out how to sort through everything and not feel guilty when I get rid of things. And thatthat’s going to take some time!

These buckets contain curriculum we use daily/weekly.
One bucket per child, my teacher's bucket and a craft bucket.

So, how do you weed through your curriculum? Do you re-organize every year? Do you have a method for cleaning out old curriculum? Share your tips and ideas!



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