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Teachable Tuesdays: Daily Routine Picture Cards

Have you ever been taught a lesson by your own child? NahI’m sure it’s just me, right? No? Okay, good. I’m so glad I’m not the only slow-learning parent here!

Well, the past few months my oldest son has had difficulty remembering to do simple tasks. Such as zipping up his pants after using the restroom or shutting the bathroom door after he’s done. (We have small children who seem to think the toilet is a FUN place to splash and play if we don’t keep the door shut. YUCK!)

Now, he’s been potty-trained since he was about 20 months old. Yes, I know that’s not normal. Believe meI KNOW! (My 3yo could really care less about the toilet these days!) We were so proud and yet, shocked at the same time. He was so young, yet he was determined not to wear another wet diaper! Fine with me! We loved it!

But, since he was able to go on his own, we’ve had to constantly remind him to flush the toilet, wash his hands, close the door and on those occasions when necessary, to wipe! At first, we thought it was because he was still getting used to doing it all on his own. But, we’re still doing it!! EVERY TIME!!! I get so frustrated sometimes and then I get mad at myself for getting frustrated.

Finally I thoughtI should talk to him about why he forgetsDUH! So, I did. We sat down and talked. He said he just couldn’t remember and it gets confused and forgotten. I honestly thought it was just an excuse. At least at first I did. Then, the more I talked to him, the more I realized the details is what he couldn’t remember. He didn’t want to be bothered with them. He knew how to use the restroom, when to use it and where, but that’s all he “needed” to remember.

I started doing some research and asking questions to some friends. After all my efforts, I began to think he just might have some Asperger characteristics. So, I began looking into things that would help him and us. Especially relieving some of that tension and frustration on both our parts.

One sight I came across mentioned making signs and posters (with or without pictures) that gave basic instructions-in order. It helps them and they can more follow those versus verbal instructions.

I prayed and prayed over the information I found. It was so much to digest and take in. So much to go through and process. But, I was determined that he would be able to learn and learn to the best of his abilities. (This behavior was also negatively affecting our schooling efforts.)

After much prayer and research I sat him down again to talk. I asked him why he couldn’t remember those simple tasks and what would help him remember. Much to my surprise (although, after bathing it in prayer I shouldn’t be surprised at all), he said he wanted signs in the bathroom and his room. Ones that told him exactly what to do when he went to the restroom, washed his hands, his morning and night time routines. WOW!!! What an answer to prayer! I was so worried that he would hate the idea and think we were calling him “dumb” or something. What an AWESOME God we serve!!!

So, I told him I would make the signs. Now, here’s where I had another parent-fail (not that any of you have had one, right?)that was the beginning of January. UGH!

The toilet sign. Sorry the toilet is in picture, but I wanted to show  you where I put it.
But, now that I think about it, that's kinda weird...
I have finally made his signs for him and laminated them. They are now hanging in the bathroom. He’s so excited!! And frankly, so am I! I can not wait to see how this might improve his life and our relieve some of our frustration!

Now, I’m not one for illusions of grandeur, but I do envision a much smoother day and less arguing about whether he has to wash his hands or not! It’s therein coloron the wall. That’s makes it a law, right? At least that’s the way he thinks and that is what matters.

The Morning & Evening Routines are on the left and
the Hand Washing is on the right.
I did find this site helpful. There are quite a few FREE things on there you can print and use or you can order a download like this and use it all you want. I ended up making my own. I wanted kid friendly pictures that would also help my middles as they grow and I just didn’t find what I wanted. You are welcome to download my .pdf here.
Those of you who have special needs or Autistic children or one with Asperger’s, what other “tricks” have you found that work with daily routines? Please share what you have learned or some of your favorite sites. I would love to have more resources!


(NOTE: Our son is not diagnosed at this time. We are still seeking prayer and researching some things on our own before subjecting him to such tests.)

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