Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sew its Saturday: Digital Faithbooking

I attended a scrapbooking class once where the teacher said, “My books are filled with stories of me, my family and our lives. But they are also filled with my Faith! How can I leave that out of my albums when it’s who I am?”

For many years that thought has stayed with me. That class was probably almost 8 years ago. But that statement rang so true with me that it has stuck with me.

For a long time I struggled to get pictures in the actual album, let alone get the stories written. And, when I did I was so intent on getting the details just perfect that I simply put down the facts. Names, dates, what happened. There was very little fluff.

Over the past several months I have tried to be more intentional in the journaling in my albums. I want my kids to know how much I loved them. How proud I was (am) of them. How they were (are) perfect just the way God created them. I want them to look back at those albums and see how God’s love carried us through the difficult times because we also trusted Him completely during the easy times.

I want my kids to look back through these albums one day and see not only my love for them but God’s unending love!! So, today (ertonight, sorry this is so late getting posted) I want to share with you a couple of pages I’ve recently created.

Even though I do have “traditional” albums (and a few I still need to complete), I absolutely love my digital albums!! Let me give you a few reasons I prefer digital over traditional.
1)        No Mess!!! (With 4 kidsor any for that matterthis is HUGE!
2)     I can change things as many times as I want with ease!! (Thank goodness, because I am so indecisive sometimes!)
3)    Virtual stickers are NOT stuck for good! YAY!!!
4)    I can edit my journaling as many times as I want! (At least until I have the album printed.)
5)    The albums are thinner and take up MUCH less space on my shelf.
6)    The overall cost is MUCH less than traditional albums!
7)     It’s so much fun to play around on the computer and see what you can create!

Page created using: Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus 4.0
The journaling says: “Mommy’s two middles are such a JOY!! At times I think you all are twins! You enjoy the same activities and each other so much. This day I caught you both playing in the hats and just giggling up a storm. (You love to pull all the hats out and try them all on.) The Lord has certainly blessed you with sweet smiles and contagious laughter! You bring JOY to everyone you meet. I love you!!”

Page created using: Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus 4.0

The journaling says: “Tyler climbed up on mommy’s and daddy’s bed next to Bekah. He was showing her videos on mommy’s phone. They were so cute together. Staring at the screen and smiling. Sweet, Sweet memories!! Tyler, you will be a wonderful loving and gentle father someday. I am so proud of who you have become! You love Jesus and it shows!! I love you!”

As you can see, not every page has to be filled with Scriptures or a prayer. It can be simple things like why you love this person. What has God blessed them with. What made this event so special. How has it impacted your Faith and relationship with Jesus. It doesn’t have to be long or fluffy. Just be honest and they will love it!!

My oldest loves to get his birth album and look through the pictures. (yes, I have one entirely too big album for his first week, but that’s another story for another post.) Now that he can read, he likes to read each page and ask me if I remember when Those are some of the most precious times I have with him. He is so gentle and sweet while he’s looking through those albums and it makes me just smile. He loves to hear stories about when he was a baby. And, thatthat is why I continue working on my albums as I can. I want each of my children to have that opportunity. I want each of them to know just how much I loved them and how much more their Heavenly Father loved them.

Do you scrapbook? What is your favorite way to preserve your children’s childhood? I would love to hear your stories!!


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