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Baking Bits: Chocolate Eclair Cake

Have you ever had a dessert that you could just eat the whole thing? Well, that was me this past Sunday at our family lunch. My brother and sister-in-law were so gracious to host all of us at their house. What a pleasant lunch and joyful afternoon it was.

The lunch was oh so YUMMY (a pinterest recipe) and then the kids went outside to play, while my mom, sister-in-law and I sat inside watching and talking. It was so relaxing and blissful!!

Then, came the most fabulous dessert I have tasted in a long, long time! I took one bite and knew I was hooked! I took a second bite and soon realized I could eat the whole thing!! Yepit was just that delicious. Then, my daughter (22mos) climbed up in my lap and wanted a taste. She cleaned my plate up in seconds. She loved it! I then had to break her heart and tell her that was all she could have.

Next came my 3yr old son asking for chockit (aka chocolate) in his sweet, mousy voice. How could I refuse? So, I got a little more on the plate and helped feed him (mostly so the chockit wouldn’t get all over his nice shirt. He cleaned the plate too. So, here I am having only had TWO bites of this deliciousness and my kids have cleaned up the plate twice!

That’s when I decided this must be made again! And I knew the perfect timeour upcoming Small Group meeting!! So, I made the dessert today for our meeting tomorrow night. It’s setting up in the fridge as I type and it’s all I can do not to go out there and try it! BtwI did get myself another piece while all the kids were playing. And I ate the whole thing!!

So, this dessert doesn’t really have a name, but my sister-in-law’s best friend (who made it for my SIL) said she’s heard it called Chocolate Éclair Cake. So, we’ll go with thatfor now at least. Maybe I’ll come up with another name someday, but this one will work for now.

Here’s what you’ll need: (**Revised)
Graham Crackers
Sugar Free cool whip
Sugar Free French Vanilla Pudding mix (2 packages)
Sugar Free Chocolate icing
**2-3 cups milk (this is necessary if you're using the sugar free cool whip)

1. Combine cool whip and pudding mixes in a medium bowl.

2. Line bottom of 9x13 pan with a layer of graham crackers.

3. Spread half of cool whip/pudding mixture over the crackers. This was a little difficult with the spatula, so I eventually got a butter knife and used it. It was a little easier.

4. Put another layer of graham crackers over the mixture (I did mine facing the other direction just because I’m weird like that.)

5. Spread the remaining cool whip/pudding mixture over that layer of crackers.

6. Microwave the icing in 30 second intervals until it’s nearly runny. You don’t want it to be quite a liquid, runny mess, but runny enough to easily pour over the top.

Now, I made mine a day ahead so it could set-up a little more and the chockit wouldn’t be too runny. But, you can serve immediately if you like. (I will add the final picture once we cut into it at small group tomorrow night. But, until's YUMMY!!)

After it sets your desired amount of time, take it out and serve to everyone you know. Okaynot everyone you know, because you don’t have enough for that. Unless you only know 3 peopleand if that’s the case, simply take some door to door and you’ll make some new friends instantly! I promise! And, if they won’t take it, just invite me over! I’ll be glad to help you out!

What’s your go-to dessert? Do you have a simple, yet scrumptious dessert that everyone begs you to make when they get together? Feel free share in the comments below or leave a link back to your own blog where we can find the recipe!

Update 1: This turned out a little "flatter" than I expected. Here's why...DON'T, I repeat DON'T use Sugar-free cool whip unless you absolutely have to! And if you do, I recommend using 2 of them. It doesn't interact with the pudding mix the way it should. It didn't fluff up like it was supposed to. So, instead I recommend using Fat-Free cool whip if you don't want to use the leaded stuff. And, I would also recommend using just regular Chocolate icing instead of sugar-free. It was okay, but after sitting for a while it was a little gummy instead of smooth and creamy. I'm pretty sure it's the artificial sweetener in it. And, while you're at might as well use regular pudding mix! At this point, the calories and weight watching is a waste! So go it up! But, seriously do try this recipe! I just wouldn't use all sugar-free ingredients. But, it was still good and people ate it. I just think I'll have to make it again to redeem myself!

Update 2: Okay, so I was determined to re-make this dessert and make it right! First of all, I used the small cool whip instead of the large one. USE THE LARGE ONE!! Second, because I used the small one, I added 2-3 cups of milk, which helped it fluff up more. It tastes about the same with the milk added in, but you do have to let it set-up for a while. Unlike the non-milk recipe. So, here's the recipe I would use in a "normal" setting (not with diabetics involved):
Graham Crackers
Fat-Free Cool Whip (16oz)
Sugar Free French Vanilla pudding mix (2 pkgs)
Chocolate Icing (the real stuff)

Then, just follow my directions as I wrote them. Sorry for any confusion on my part. I really thought I knew what I was doing...but that should've been my first clue! I don't usually know what I'm doing when it comes to cooking!! So, hopefully this has taught me a valuable lesson - don't post until you try it and know for sure! Even if you've had it before and are just positive you know what you're doing - cause you probably don't!

Happy Cooking!!

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