Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Teachable Tuesdays: Homeschool Series: Why I'm Glad I Homeschool

When I began thinking about Homeschooling my kids, I honestly never thought I would enjoy it so much. Let me clarify...I had always wanted to be a teacher and loved teaching young children at church. But, teaching your own kids everyday is a little different. In fact, it's downright scary when you think about it! I know I'm responsible for their care and well-being, but schooling? What if I fail? So many questions run through your head. Believe me...I probably thought of all of them.
But first, let me give you a few reasons why we chose to homeschool.

A "field trip" to a local Pumpkin Patch
1)        Our oldest is young for his grade (late June birthday).
2)     Our oldest is super smart in a lot of ways, yet immature because of his late birthday. Now I know all parents say this about their kids, but he learned to read 6 weeks into Kindergarten and he adds numbers in his head. You knowthose kinds of things.

Feeding a goat at the Pumpkin Patch
3)    Our oldest is big for his age. Not that he’s overweight, he’s just BIG! He’s going on 7yrs old and he’s 54.5” tall!!
4)    His brain processes things by asking questions and talking through things. That doesn’t go over well in a school setting.

Playing "house" in a cardboard box! Doesn't get better than that!!
5)    He is most definitely a kinesthetic learner. Translation: We would have been on speed dial by day two! Just sayin’!!

These are really just a few of the reasons. I have been asked this question a lot, so I am working on a post that explains more about our decision. But for now, know that these were only some of the reasons.

So, back to the point of this postwhy am I so glad I homeschool? Well, there are a number of reasons, so here we go!!

1)        With weeks like last week’s “Spring Break” when it’s a wet, soppy mess outsidewe get to stay in where it’s dry! Plus, we can play games and sneak in school time to make up days we’ve missed. All the while, the kids are still able to play and have fun!

2)     And when the weather is beautiful like today, we can sneak off to the Zoo with Daddy and have some great family time!

3)    The Hubster’s schedule is strange to say the least, being that he’s off Wednesdays & Thursdays. So, it’s nice that we can take off and do some fun, family activities on those days. This week we’re traveling to a different Zoo and to visit some friends in Missouri.
4)    Year-Round schooling!!! I didn’t think I would like this at all, but I love it!! Really I do! We can take off every Thursday to spend with Daddy and still have our weekends free too! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Helping Mommy cook!!
5)    We can take baths after a super messy science experiment - or after helping Mommy in the kitchen!!

6)    We can stay in our PJ’s all day if we want. (We don’t usually, as I like my kids dressed and ready to go, but occasionally it happens.)

7)     I don’t have to worry about scheduling grocery day, laundry day, naptimes or anything else around pick-up times at school!

Where else can you make a lunar lander with cupcake liners?
8)    We get to choose curriculum that works for our kids! Even if that means each one of them has a different Math or English curricula. We can also use the same curricula for some subjects, such as Science and History. They have multi-level activities for all ages. Plus, we can do hands-on activities as needed or allow my oldest to stand while doing his Math problems. They can learn how they learn best so they can thrive!!
The beautiful waterfall

Overlooking a beautiful waterfall in Arkansas
9)     We can personally monitor what our children are being taught!!! This is probably THE most important reason in my book. We teach our kids Christian values and character. That is priceless in my book!!

Bub reading to the middles...LOVE this picture!
They actually look like they're paying attention to him, don't they?
10)  I get to personally see that light bulb moment with my kids!!!! I cried tears of joy when our oldest read his first book by himself. Partly because I was so excited about this new world of exploration he just unlocked, but more importantly I was thrilled that I didn’t mess things up and he could actually read!!! Can I tell you that was my greatest source of stress going in? What if I can’t teach him to read? I would be the worst parent/teacher ever! I was terrified.

You can even do your school work in a plastic tote if you like!
11)      I love, love, LOVE having my kids home with me all day, every day! I know that is a crazy concept to some people, but for me it feels so natural. We are learning and growing together.

This picture of the middles "reading" to their baby sister melts my heart!
12)   I couldn’t end on an odd numberyes, I’m a little OCD. But, seriously, I love that we can take time off when needed (like during my Dad’s illness and death) and be able to make up time on our schedule.

What are your favorite reasons for Homeschooling? What do you enjoy most about teaching your children? Please share in the comments below or link-up to a post that you’ve written on why you homeschool or the benefits, etc.

Come back next Tuesday for another post in the Homeschool Series: “How You Can Homeschool Without Breaking the Bank!”


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Jami Leigh@Young Wifes Guide said...

Oh how fun!! I always get so excited when I see people talking about Homeschooling like this :) My husband and I are passionate about homeschooling (although we don't have kids yet)and I am SO excited to homeschool. Although I'm super nervous too that I'm not going to be a good enough teacher. Thanks for sharing this today, it always gives me so much encouragement and excitement for the future to see posts like this! So glad I found your blog today! :)

Kate said...

Yep, those are a lot of the same reasons for us too!! Fun post. Thanks for sharing it on my link-up!

Tesha said...

I jumped over here from a link up I to just love home schooling. I also wanted to be a did not work out now I get to teach the best students in the would-- my kids! I am blessed to have read, thank you!

Annette@InAllYouDo said...

Jami - I love posts like this one too!! I am so glad you all have decided this ahead of time and are so passionate about it. I so wish we would have decided before kids too! But, it's never too late!!!

Kate - I enjoy your link-up!! Thanks for stopping by!

Tesha - Thanks for stopping by. Your blog touches my heart. I am so glad you have the JOY of teaching your children. You will be in our prayers.

Pam Williams said...

Great post. I homeschooled my girls who are now grown (one of them planning to homeschool her own children too). It is scary when you start out, but as time goes on it gets easier. I hear lots of people say "I could never do that". I say parents are the first teachers and all it takes is good planning and discipline. If I could do it, anyone can. Thanks for sharing your heart on this one.


Annette@InAllYouDo said...

Thanks for stopping by Pam! It amazes me some of the people who say they couldn't do it. It's not that they can't...they DON'T want to! (But that's for another post! hehe)I'm sure it's exciting to hear your daughter talk about schooling her own. What a JOY! Hope you stop by again.