Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Meals: Weekly Meal Plan

So, hopefully in the next few weeks you’ll start to see some changes in our meals. We have decided to go Soy-Free and Gluten-Free. Yes, I know that limits some things and cuts out a lot. But, I’ve recently read some good research that leads me to believe this is a healthier and better option for our family. You can read more about the soy issue here. And as for the gluten-free issueI’ve read how it can help with hyper-active children and those with Asperger’s. Even though we don’t have that diagnosis, I think it’s worth exploring in our diet to see if it helps. I’m all for “natural” remedies rather than medication!!

So, with that being saidHere is this week’s (somewhat unhealthy, but YUMMY) meal plan!

Monday 3/5
 Breakfast: Oatmeal, cold cereal
        Lunch: cheese quesadillas
        Dinner: Queso Chicken Pasta
Tuesday 3/6
        Breakfast: poptarts
        Lunch: chicken nuggets, fruit, chips
        Dinner: Ground Turkey Stroganoff, green beans
Wednesday 3/7
        Breakfast: cereal
        Lunch: fishsticks, fruit, pretzels
        Dinner: Bacon-Chicken Crescent Ring, salad
Thursday 3/8 (Dad’s day off!!!)
        Breakfast: homemade sausage biscuits & sausage gravy
 Lunch: Grilled Cheese w/ Ham or Turkey
 Dinner: Leftovers, Small Group: dessert
Friday 3/9
        Breakfast: Dry cereal
        Lunch: Grilled Ham and Cheese
Saturday 3/10
        Breakfast: Dry cereal or Oatmeal
        Lunch: fishsticks or Ham n’ Cheese, fruit, chips
        Dinner: Beef and Noodles, green beans, bread
Sunday 3/4
        Breakfast: Baked French Toast Casserole
        Lunch: Family lunch
 Dinner: Mac & Cheese

So, what’s on your Meal Plan for the week? Link up here and share your favorite recipes!!


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