Monday, March 12, 2012

Sew its Saturday: Monthly Digital Cards

I have been a Creative Memories Consultant for almost 8 years. My love for scrapbooking and preserving my memories began when I got married. I received a wedding album and paper kit from my then future Mother-in-law and thus it began.

I scrapped everything from my college years: my choir trips, Week of Evangelism trips, dorm life and of course, my engagement, wedding and everything it entailed. I was hooked!

Shortly before our two year anniversary I gave birth to our first child. He was 4 ½ weeks early and was in the NICU for a week. I delivered via c-section, so I could not get out of bed to see him for nearly 16 hours after his birth. All I knew of him was pictures!! So, when I began his baby album, I could not bear to part with any of the pictures. I loved them all! So, they all went into the album. All 34 pages of it!! Yep, his first week is one entire album! And, his first year is TWO volumes! To say I went a little overboard might be an understatement. I am embarrassed to say that my other children barely have albums, but there are several reasons for that.

  1. Our digital program came out before our second child was born.
  2. None of our other children were away from me for 16 hours after birth.
  3. I didn’t live in the pictures with any of my others.

Now, this is not to say I love my other three any less. In fact, I have started a new tradition with my kids. One of which I am going to share with you today.

I make Monthly Digital Cards for each of them. Now, hear me out. I do the monthly cards for their first year of life (1-12mos) and then 15m, 18m and 2yrs. After they turn two, I make one after their birthday party to send with the Thank You notes. So, really it’s not that bad.

Why do I do these? To keep our family up-to-date on the new baby’s milestones and life.

Who gets them? I usually send them to all the grandparents, aunts/uncles, some of my cousins (the girls mainly). I also have a couple friends who like them. They are so fun for me to make and everyone loves them!

How do I make them? I use Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus 4.0 software. (You can download a 30-day trial here.)It allows me to make 4x6 cards that I can customize to meet my needs! I love it!!! (And, I’m not just saying that because I sell it.) It is a very simple program to use. If can type in Word, you’ll easily be able to use the program. (It’s available in PC or MAC format too!!)

What to do? Take LOTS and LOTS of pictures each month! I try to take pictures not only at special events or outings, but in everyday life too. With the siblings, learning to sit, stand, roll-over, tummy-time, smiles, etc. With so many pictures, I do have a more difficult time picking some favorites, but it also makes for easier work! I’m searching and hunting down pictures for their cards.

As an added fun effect, I write the cards from the child’s perspective. It’s fun for the grandparents to read and I occasionally I come up with some cute quips that only a baby could think/say!

With four kids, the Hubster’s busy/weird schedule, housework and just day-to-day life to keep up with, I don’t get much time for traditional scrapbooking anymore. All of my albums are now done digitally and I love being able to keep up with my little ones with these monthly cards!! It not only helps me keep track of their milestones until I can work on their albums, it also lets me look back at their progress and life over the months and years. It’s so fun and quick!!

Do you love making albums for your family/kids? How do to keep up with your kids’ albums? Please share!


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