Monday, March 5, 2012

Computer issues

Hey guys!!! Sorry I've been absent the past few days. I came home Friday night and started to open the computer to get things uploaded for the weekend and AAAAHHHHH!!!!! The "blue screen of death" (as The Hubster calls it) popped up. So, I shut it down...waited...and rebooted. Nothing but BLUE!!!! I almost cried - literally! I was just sure I had lost everything in my memory not backed up!

Thankfully, The Hubster came to the rescue (like he does many times) and used a Windows repair disk and some other fancy stuff to find out it was simply our RAM that went bad! YAY!!!! Fairly inexpensive purchase, easy installation and VOILA! New computer!  So, I am just going to leave this last weekend where it is - in the past and we're moving forward!!!

I'm so excited to tell you that I've got some GREAT things lined up for March and a few ideas I'm pondering about an upcoming series!! YAY!!!

Progress is in the making for my new website! Once I've got things going I'll give you all about a week's notice to any changes you might need to make (i.e. signing up on the new site to receive emails, etc.). I'm so excited to get it up and going and continue building my blog to encompass the vision I have!!!

Thank you all for being so patient with me and taking this ride along side me!!! I couldn't do it without all my wonderful blog-friend support!

Look for Meal Plan Mondays and Maid for Mondays later today!


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