Monday, January 16, 2012

Maid for Monday: Organizing your Kitchen

If you're the cook in the family, you may well know how frustrating it is when the kitchen is a mess. When my kitchen, pantry, cabinets, etc are a mess I feel scattered and unable to concentrate or even function sometimes. The past few weeks my kitchen has gotten out of control. I'm ashamed to say its an absolute PIG STY!! I'm even going to include a picture of the chaotic mess. Okay, here goes...I can't believe I'm doing this...

This is the island. Our "catch-all" if you will. The cabinets you see on the right are actually just free-standing cabinets with a hutch on top. They're not built-in. And, they're stuffed to the brim!!
Don't mind the cabinets that aren't painted yet. We're still working on that too.
How embarrassing! There is only one person, besides my mother and grandmothers, who is allowed in my house when it looks like this. And, I HATE THAT!!!! I love to host people in our home. But, when my kitchen looks like this - forget it! I also feel very out-of-sorts when my kitchen is this messy.

One of my goals this year is to be more organized in our home. So, this week I'm going to tackle the kitchen. My goal is to completely go through each and every cabinet and drawer sorting through the pots, pans, glasses, mugs, kid plates/cups, Tupperware, silverware and random dish I may own. I'm going to make 4 piles - TO KEEP, TO SELL, TO DONATE and TRASH. I'm hoping most of it will stay in the TO KEEP pile, but we shall see. I know there are some dishes I've never even used since we moved in 4 years ago. So, why do I need them? I will either sell or donate those items. I imagine my TO SELL pile to be fairly minimal and my TO DONATE pile to be substantial. I'm not sure how the TRASH pile will go, so that should be interesting (the hubster can't stand to get rid of anything related to cooking or baking. No seriously, its him!).

Part of my problem is lack of use-able cabinet space!! I've got GREAT cabinets in my island, but they are literally the width of the island! And I've got pots and pans stuffed way in the back that I can't even get to! So, one thing I've got to figure out is how to remedy that issue. Some things may need to wait until payday, but at least I'll have an idea and a more exact vision of what needs to happen for me to have the organized kitchen I've always wanted!!

But, seeing as my littles are still sick, the pantry may have to be tackled next week. But I will have my cabinets and countertops cleaned and cleared for a fresh, new start!  I'm a little behind in my 52 week challenge (found here). But, life happens and I'm hopeful that I will catch up this week. So, this week I'm actually tackling 2 weeks at once. WOW!!!  I just hope I can make it all happen.

So who's with me?? Who wants to join me in this 52 week challenge to getting our homes organized? Let me know if you're in!


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