Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Meals: Weekly Meal Plan

Here is this week’s meal plan! We’ve got a few “special” meals this week as we’re celebrating some birthdays!! YAY!!! My baby boy is turning 3 on Friday and we’re celebrating our niece & nephews birthdays on Monday night. Can’t wait to celebrate!!! I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!!!!! (mine excluded! Haha)

If you don’t understand what I’ve described ASK!!! Let me know if you try anything from my meal plan and how you liked it or changed it! I’m always open to new ideas!! Happy Planning and Happy Cooking!

Monday 1/30
Breakfast: Oatmeal, cereal, poptarts
        Lunch: Quesadillas, rice (really our quesadillas are just tortillas & cheese! lol)
        Dinner: Niece/Nephew Birthday Celebration!!!! (Pizza at the in-laws)
Tuesday 1/31
        Breakfast: dry cereal (My kids’ favorite is Grape Nuts!)
        Lunch: fishsticks or bologna sandwich, fruit, chips
        Dinner: White Chicken Enchiladas (yes, this was on the menu for Sunday the 29th, but we were blessed to be taken out for lunchso we’re having them tonight! In fact, they’ve already been made so I just have to re-heat!)
Wednesday 2/1
        Breakfast: Poptarts
        Lunch: Mac & Cheese leftovers, hot dogs
        Dinner: Leftovers (aka Clean-out-the-fridge night!)
Thursday 2/2 Celebrating Mister Mouse’s birthday!
        Breakfast: Homemade Donuts (we're making these Wed night)
Lunch: Special Treat Out-to-Eat!!!
Dinner: Ham Tettrizini, green beans, homemade garlic bread
Friday 2/3
        Breakfast: Dry cereal
        Lunch: Soup
        Dinner: Homemade Bacon/Cheese pizza (our favorite Fri night meal)
Saturday 2/4
        Breakfast: Dry cereal or Oatmeal
        Lunch: Chicken nuggets, fruit, chips/pretzels
        Dinner: Sloppy Joe Bake, green beans, homemade bread 
Sunday 2/5
        Breakfast: scrambled eggs with bacon & cheese
        Lunch: Ham and Hashbrowns (crock-pot recipe)
Dinner: Mac & Cheese (again, our regular Sun night meal)

Well, there ya have it!! As you can probably tell, my kids are VERY PICKY eaters! I’m slowly working on them, but as I quickly figured outI can’t change their entire menu in one week. So, we’re trying new dinner dishes and seeing how those go for a while and then we’ll try changing up the lunches. My middles don’t like sandwiches (really the cold meats & sliced cheese is what they don’t like, but they’ll eat shredded cheese WEIRD!) and they don’t like certain kinds of pastas either. So, I try to sneak in new pastas when I can!

We’re getting thereslowly, but moving forward nonetheless. Meanwhile, I’m learning to enjoy the journey!!!

So, what’s on your Meal Plan for the week? Link up here and share your favorite recipes!!


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Sarah E. said...

Hope your new meals went well with your kids - I know how that goes! (:

and Welcome to MPM!

Annette@InAllYouDo said...

Thanks Sarah! Some of them are going well and others...not so much! It's a learning process! We'll just keep trying though!

So excited to be joining MPM!