Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: Inside Out

People may be covered with "dirt" on the outside,
but that may not reflect who they are on the inside.

Last night as I was sitting in my Wednesday night class (we’re going through this book); we talked about how the image of “beautiful” has changed so dramatically over the years. Did you know Marilyn Monroe was a size 14??? That’s right, a 14!!!! Now, most models, teen stars/idols, TV stars and the likes are lucky if they fit in a ZERO!! (or so it seems)  The author of our study said, “I knew I would be successful one day when I stood on the scale and I felt peace no matter what the number said,” was so enlightening to me. How many times have I focused on what the outside would look like rather than my personal relationship with my Savior? And how has that affected my weight over the years? WOW!!!

Then, I began thinking how I want my children to see themselves. Through the eyes of Hollywood and what society says is “beautiful” or through the eyes of our precious Lord? I want my children to see people from the inside out. How much beauty are we missing out on when we make preconceived notions/judgment on people simply by what they wear or how they look? I’ve often prided myself on being optimistic and always seeing the good in people. However, there are times I too have judged those I see. The young boy with his pants hanging too low (I could totally write an entire post - or two or three - on this subject, but I won’t.), the transient walking down the street, the lady who wears LOUD clothes and too much make-up, the person whoyou fill in the blank.

Now, we teach our children the Bible and we pray with them daily, but I began to think about it more and more and I realized that’s not be enough. We must put it into practicedaily! We must guard our children’s innocent spirit!! My oldest teaches me all the time how to be a person who sees people through the eyes of God. I remember as I child being told to “put [my] Jesus glasses on” so I could see the world as He does. I think it’s even more necessary now that I’m grown and I have seen some of the evil in this world. If I am honest with myself, it’s down right HARD to put on my “Jesus glasses” and look at the world through his eyes. I do have a difficult time caring for those who have wronged me or ignored me. But, I am working on it! And, that’s what I want my kids to seethat, even though it may be a struggle, I will continue working to look at the world through my “Jesus glasses”.

Now, as a proud mom I must boast. My 6yo is GREAT at seeing people the way God sees them. He has no hang-ups about who wears cool jeans or the latest new shoes (in fact, he just got new tennis shoes and they’re Velcro. I asked him why he didn’t get ones that tie and he said, “cause these go on lightening fast, Mom!” Gosh, I love that kid!) He doesn’t care if they live in a $250,000 house or an apartment. He only cares if they’re nice to him and if they are they are his friendinstantly and forever!! That’s just his nature and who he is. He’s never met a stranger in his life!

I can remember taking him to the store with me when he was little. I would be pushing the cart while he was sitting in the front, buckled. We would pass by other shoppers and he’d just say, “Hi!” At first, most people thought he was adorable this little 2-3yo boy talking to anyone and everyone as they passed by (and yes, he was quite adorable if I do say so myself). Then, he began starting conversations with them. “Hi! My name is Tyler. What’s yours?” And so it began! Oh, sometimes it was cute (when he’d talk to the little old ladies or men), but sometimes he’d talk to questionable people and I would quickly whisk him away to another aisle or around the corner. Why are you talking to them? We don’t talk to people like that. Shhhhdon’t talk to them. I’ve been guilty of these thoughts more often than I care to count. Shame on me!! Every person is a creation of my King and He loves them, so why shouldn’t I? (Don’t get me wrong, there are people you should steer clear of for safety’s sake if you’re with your children.) What if my son’s one kind word or conversation softens their heart even a little? What if a simple conversation turns into an opportunity to share God’s love for them? What if

How many opportunities have we missed to share the love of our Heavenly Father with someone because of our preconceived notions? I want my children to do better and be better. I want my children to see the inside rather than the outside. So, we will continue to learn to see people through our “Jesus glasses.” Will you wear your “Jesus glasses” too?


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